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Add Items To The 'Send To' Menu

   To add programs to the Send To menu in Explorer:  

     1. You can create shortcuts to the programs in the C:\Windows\Send To folder. For example, if you wanted 
         to add Notepad to the menu you would:

         a. Navigate to the C:\Windows\ Send To folder in Explorer.
         b. Open the File menu, choose New - Shortcut.

         c. Choose the Browse button and find the Notepad.exe in your Windows directory.
         d. Choose Open, then Next.

         e. Type in the name for the new shortcut.

         f. Choose Finish.
        g. Now you will have Notepad in your Send To menu.

  2. You can also create shortcuts to folders that you send a lot of information to also. To do this:

         a. Navigate to the folder that you would like to send the information to.
         b. Right mouse click the folder and select - Create Shortcut.
         c. On the shortcut that you just created, right mouse click it and select - Cut.
         d. Navigate to the C:\Windows\ Send To folder in Explorer.
         e. Right click on an open spot within the folder and choose Paste.
         f. Now you will have that folder in your Send To menu.
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