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Animated Desktop Setup

Note: On each page (except the Main Index pages) you will see animated GIFs. These are pictures
           that move. You can save them to your hard drive by right mouse clicking them.

Windows 98 and Windows ME has an animated treat. You can set an animated GIF as an image on your desktop. You can stretch it or even tile the image for repeating, animated action.

To make sure you can see the animated GIF images move you must first make sure your Internet settings are set to display animated images. To do this:
     1. Choose Start / Settings / Control Panel / Internet Options.
     2. Choose the Advanced tab.
     3. Scroll down to the Multimedia setting.
     4. Place a checkmark in the Play animations box.

     5. Choose Apply.
     6. Choose OK.

To use an animated GIF as your desktop wallpaper:

     1. Right mouse click an empty spot on the desktop.
     2. Choose Properties.

     3. Choose the Web tab.
     4. Place a check mark in the box called View my Active Desktop as a web page.

     5. Choose Apply.
     6. Choose the Background tab.
     7. Choose the browse button.

     8. Select an animated GIF file from your hard drive.
     9. Choose the Display dialog box.
     10. Choose either Stretch (this will increase the size of the GIF so that it covers the entire
           desktop) or choose Tile (this will make multiple images of the animated GIF you chose and
           cover the entire desktop).
     11. Choose OK.

Another way to add an animated object to your Active Desktop is to:

     1. Follow steps #1-#5 from to use an animated GIF as your desktop wallpaper.
     2. While browsing the Internet, and you find an object your want to add to your desktop, right
         mouse click it.
     3. Choose Set as Desktop Item.
     4. It will then be placed on your desktop.
     5. It's really useful if you constantly visit a webpage to view maps with temperatures or say……
         the stock markets. You can update the information quickly without visiting the webpage by:
          a. Connecting to the Internet.
          b. Right mouse click on the item on your desktop.
          c. Choose Active Desktop.
         d. Choose Update Now.
          e. Now all the information will be updated with the current information from the website.

Lastly, you can add an item to your Active Desktop from files on your hard drive by:

     1. Follow steps #1-#5 from to use an animated GIF as your desktop wallpaper.
     2. On the Web tab you will see a box labeled New, choose it.

     3. Choose Browse.
     4. Browse for an item that you want to place on your Active Desktop.
     5. Choose OK.
     6. Choose Apply.
     7. Finally, choose OK.

Once on your Active Desktop, you can move around the image, resize it, or close it out. Just place your mouse cursor on it, and slide it towards the top of the image. A gray box will appear around the image. If you want to close the image, click on the X in the upper right. To resize the image, move your cursor to a corner and hold down the left mouse button and drag it until you have the desired size.

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