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William McConnell
Birthday: 17 October.

(Me at my retirement ceremony - October 2001)

     1. Born in Illinois.
     2. Have 2 sisters and 3 brothers.
     3. Joined the Army in 1981 at the age of 17 as a Cavalry Scout. Have been stationed at:
         a. Germany (twice)
         b. Fort Bliss, Texas
         c. Fort Knox, Kentucky (twice)
         d. Korea
          f. Fort Polk, Louisiana
     4. Married with a son.
     5. Retired from the Army in Feb 2002 to try my hand at other career fields.
     6. Hobbies and interests include:
         a. Camping
         b. Fishing
         c. Computers (software and hardware) (have built and worked on numerous computers)
         d. Traveling
         e. Woodworking
    7. Strong points include:
         a. Patient
         b. Flexible (won't stress out to rapidly changing situations)
         c. Dedicated and hard working (don't like to leave a job half finished)
         d. Extremely dependable
         e. Enjoy being around people (instructor for over 8 years)
     8. Currently employed at a major retail store and as a college instructor.