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Check Your Registry If You
Are Having
Software Problems

The Registry stores settings for programs installed on your computer as well as your computer's internal operations. If this gets corrupted or damaged in any way, your applications or possibly your computer won't run correctly.

Windows 98 comes with a utility called Registry Checker that backs up the Registry each time you turn on your computer, and scans it at every restart. If Registry Checker finds a problem with your Registry, it will automatically replace it with your most recent backup copy.
To run the Registry Checker at any time:

     1. Choose the Start button.
     2. Go to Programs \ Accessories \ System Tools.
     3. Choose System Information.
     4. Choose Tools. From the drop down selection, choose Registry Checker.

     5. When Registry Checker starts, it will ask you if you want to back up the Registry and will inform
          you if it found any errors (If you select Yes, it will back it up and save the results).

If your registry becomes corrupted and Windows will not start, before reinstalling Windows, try this!!

To access your backup copies at any time:

     1. Restart the computer and press the F8 key.
     2. At the options menu, hold down the Shift key and press F5.
     3. At the command prompt, type the word - scanreg and then press the Enter key.
     4. Registry Checker will scan your Registry again and display the five most recent backups listed
         by date.
     5. Highlight the one which you would like to restore (remember, every thing you have installed since
         this time will need to be reinstalled) and press the Enter key.
     6. Press the Enter key again to restart.
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