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Checking The Website Speed

Taking too long to access your favorite site? More than likely the problem is with the server for those sites. If you want to check if that is the problem, use the Windows PING facility. Ping is a small program that sends a 32-bit signal to the Web site server. Next, PING records the time needed by the server to answer it. To activate PING:

     1. Connect to the Internet.
     2. Activate the MS-DOS Prompt in Windows.
     3. Type Ping (then a space) followed by the site name in the MS-DOS window. For example:
         PING then press Enter.

In a moment the results will appear on the screen.
A result of less than 300ms is normal.
A result of more than 400ms is slow.

If "Request timed out" message appears on the screen, which means the Web site server is responding in one second. It happens because the server is too slow, or designed that way on purpose not to respond to the PING test.

Note: I can't get MSN to respond to the test.
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