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Computer Automatically

Have you been working on your computer with Windows XP installed on it and then have your computer restart for no reason? The problem could be that your computer locked up for some reason and then automatically rebooted. To stop it from rebooting automatically, do the following:

     1. Choose the Start button and then right click on My Computer (or if you have My Computer on
          your desktop, right click on it).
     2. Choose Properties.

     3. Choose the Advanced tab.
     4. Choose the Settings button in the Startup and Recovery section.

     5. In the Startup and Recovery dialog box, remove the checkmark from the box that says
         Automatically restart.

     6. Choose OK.
     7. Choose Apply.
     8. Choose OK again.

Now when the computer locks up, you'll know what happened instead of the computer just restarting on you.

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