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Create A Screen Saver
Your Own Picture

You can use your own Bitmap picture as a screensaver on your computer. Here's how:

     1. Obtain a bitmap picture that you want to use.
     2. Right mouse click the desktop and choose properties.
     3. Choose the Screen Saver tab and select the screensaver called 3D Flying Objects.

     4. Choose settings, and in the Style pull-down menu select Textured Flag.

     5. Choose Texture… and browse to the location where the bitmap is located at that you want to
     6. You can change the size and resolution of the image using the sliders.
     7. When you're all set, click OK and then Preview.
     8. You will now have a flag screensaver with your own bitmap proudly fluttering on your monitor
         (great for business logos).

Note: If the 3D Flying Objects screensaver is not present in your screensaver dialog, you can install it using the Windows Setup tab of the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs applet (you will need the Windows Setup CD).

     1. Click Start/Settings/Control Panel.
     2. Choose Add/Remove Programs.
     3. Choose the Windows Setup Tab at the top.
     4. Double right mouse click the Accessories entry.

     5. Scroll down to Screen Savers and double right mouse click it.
     6. Place a check mark in the OpenGL Screen Saver box.

     7. Click OK at the bottom and OK on all the other screens until you are closed out.
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