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Customize The Start Menu

The Start menu gets more real estate in XP than in previous versions, and it's more customizable. To make the Start menu display only the applications you want, rather than the default determined by Microsoft:

     1. Right mouse click the Start button.
     2. Choose Properties \ Start Menu (not the classic Start Menu) \ Customize.

     3. Here you'll find a list of your most frequently used programs. (XP keeps track of what you use and
         what you don't, then updates this list dynamically.)
     4. To clear the applications that are currently displayed on the Start Menu, press Clear List.

     5. You can choose the number of applications you want to display from 0 to 30. Hint - If you choose
         0, your boss won't know that you have been goofing off playing games.

     6. You can choose either Large icons or Small icons to be displayed. Just click on the want that you
         want displayed.

     7. Choose the Advanced tab at the top.
     8. You can select to open submenus when I pause on them with my mouse and the Highlight newly
          installed programs by either placing a check mark in each box or removing it. Be aware that the
          highlight will remain in effect until you open the program!
     9. In the list of Start menu items, I suggest you select Display as menu. This allows you quick access
         to just about everything from the Start menu. For the Network Connections entry, I like to open the
        Network Connection Folder, so try out the Link to Network Connections Folder option. On the
        System Administration Tools option, select to Display on the All Programs menu and the Start
       menu option. That will allow you to get the Admin tools a lot faster. If you select the Scroll Programs
       option your programs menu won't take over your desktop when you open it. If you don't want people
        to know what files you've opened up on your computer lately, remove the checkmark from the List
        my most recently opened documents checkbox.
     10. Choose OK when done.
     11. Choose Apply.
     12. Choose OK.

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