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Customize Your Folders

You can customize the look of every folder on your system. You can tailor each folder with your own personal picture for a background. It's super simple to set a background image in a Windows Explorer window.

   A. To add a picture to the background of a folder:

     1. Either right mouse click an empty spot in an open folder or choose the View menu at the top
         and choose Customize this folder.

     2. Select - Choose a background picture from the available options and then choose Next.

     3. Choose the Browse button and locate a picture to use. At the bottom, you can also select the
         color for the text (just click the colored box next to the word Text:).
     4. A confirmation screen will be displayed. Choose Finish.

   B. To remove the picture from the background of the folder:

     1. Same as step one above.
     2. Choose - Remove customization. Select Next.

    3. A confirmation dialog will be displayed. Choose Next. Then choose Finish on the last screen.

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