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Disable Clicking Sounds
In Internet Explorer

To disable the annoying clicking noise when navigating in Internet Explorer:

     1. Choose Start / Settings / Control Panel / the Sounds applet.
     2. Scroll down the Event list to the Windows Explorer section. Under the Start Navigation, you will
          find that START.WAV has been assigned to it.

     3. In the Name box, scroll to (none), and select it. Choose Apply. Choose OK. The clicking sound
         will now be gone.

Note: While there, you may want to look at some of the other events to which you can assign sounds to. You will find that if you also select (none) for Exit Windows and Start Windows, that your computer will start faster and shut down faster. In some cases, your computer may be hanging up when starting or shutting down due to the wave files assigned to them being bad. This may fix the problem you are having.
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