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Format A Drive In Windows

Warning!!!! Don't use this method on your primary drive (C:\)!!! This drive contains your operating system and everything will be lost! Your computer will not work again until you reinstall Windows!

Want to delete everything on your secondary hard drive but afraid you will get the commands in DOS all messed up or confused? Well, here is an extremely simple way to format your secondary hard drive:

     1. Open My Computer on the desktop.
     2. Right mouse click your secondary hard drive (normally the D: drive).
     3. Choose - Format.

     4. On the Format type - choose Full. Then choose Start.

     5. The following warning will be displayed informing you that all information will be lost.

     6. Choose OK.
     7. After a short time, your hard drive will be formatted and ready to use.

Tip: If there are any files on the secondary drive that you want to save, just copy them to the primary drive before you format the secondary drive. Once it's formatted, just copy them back.

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