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Game Cheats N - Z

Quake III Arena

Various console codes
Hit the tilde (~) key and type "/spdevmap (map name of current game)" (i.e., /devmap q3dm17). Then, while you are playing, type the following codes for the corresponding results:
/give all -- all weapons
/god -- toggles god mode
/noclip -- no clipping mode
/give quad damage -- gives you quad damage
/give flight -- gives you the ability to fly
/give invisibility -- makes you invisible
/give speed -- makes you faster
/iamacheater -- all levels unlocked at skill 1
/iamamonkey -- all levels unlocked at skill 100
/give battle suit -- invincibility against lava, drowning, and acid
/give mega health -- 100 health over the limit
/cg_thirdperson 1-- third-person view

Item codes

Type in the console code "/give (item name)" and use the following item names to acquire them (i.e., /give shotgun):
all gauntlet lightning gun railgun
ammo grappling hook machinegun regeneration
armor grenade launcher medkit rocket launcher
battle suit haste personal teleporter shotgun
bfg10k health plasma gun
flight invisibility quad damage

Requiem: Avenging Angel
Cheat Mode:
First display the console window by pressing Enter, then input one of the codes below to activate the following cheat functions.
Enable cheat keys - csmilton
Medlab pass - csstigmata
Medlab pass - csitems
Full armor and health - csshroud
Full health - cshealth
Items - csrosary
Ammunition - csammo
All guns - csguns
God mode - csyhwh

Enter TRACKER as your name at the name screen.
Get all cars
Enter CARNIVAL as your name at the name screen.
Small cars
Enter DRINKME as your name at the name screen.
Same cars in multi-player mode
Enter JOKER as your name at the name screen.
UFO car
Enter URCO as your name at the name screen.
All weapons
Enter SADIST as your name at the name screen. Use the right shift key for weapon select.
Alternate view
Enter TVTIME as your name at the name screen. Press F5 or F6 for alternate views.
Fly through things
Enter MAKEITGOOD as your name at the name screen. Press F6 once for no clipping, twice for flight mode

Access cheat mode
There are two ways to enable cheats: you can either bind some keys before you play the game, or you can access the game's system console during gameplay.
To bind the keys, open your game's program folder and find the system folder. Now locate your user.ini file, and open it using either wordpad or notepad. Next, find an open letter like "K=". After the "=" type CheatPlease (it should like this: K=CheatPlease). On the line "G=" type God after the "=" sign (G=God). Close the user.ini file, and enter your game. Start the game, and while you are playing, you can now hit the K key to enable the cheat mode, or hit the G key to enable god mode. You can hit the same keys again to disable the cheats.
Otherwise, instead of editing your user.ini file you can hit the Tab key during gameplay to access the game's system console. Type "CheatPlease" in the console space that opens on your screen. This will enable the cheat mode as well. Now you can access the console at any time during the game. To enable certain cheats, type in the codes below:
God -- god mode
Ghost -- no-clipping mode
Walk -- disable no-clipping mode

Summon items
During the game, hit Tab to access the console. Then type Summon [item name]. For example: Summon VikingShortSword. Type the code for the corresponding items:
VikingShortSword -- Viking short sword
GoblinBoneClub -- goblin bone club
RomanSword -- Roman sword
TrialPitMace -- trial pit mace
VikingBroadSword -- Viking broadsword
DwarfWorkHammer -- dwarven work hammer
DwarfWorkSword -- dwarven work sword
DwarfBattleHammer -- dwarven battle hammer
DwarfBattleSword -- dwarven battle sword
RuneofPower -- rune power
HandAxe -- hand axe
RuneofHealth -- health
GoblinAxe -- goblin axe
DarkShield -- dark shield

VikingAxe -- viking axe
Vikingshield -- Viking shield
SigurdAxe -- Sigurd's axe
Goblinshield -- goblin shield
DwarfBattleAxe -- dwarven battle axe
Dwarfshield -- dwarven shield
RustyMace -- rusty mace

Sanity: Aiken's Artifact
Press enter during gameplay and type the corresponding code at the prompt for the cheat functions listed below:
God mode -- mptedthehead (note: you can still die by falling when in god mode)
Unlock all single-player levels -- mpshipit
Restore health and sanity -- mpjuiceme (note: you will lose many special talents when activating this cheat)

Seven Kingdoms 2: The Fryhtan Wars
During gameplay, type !!##%%&&. If the code was entered correctly, the line cheat codes enabled will pop onto the screen. Now you may enter any of the codes listed below.
All technology available --- [Ctrl] + T Full map --- [Ctrl] + M
Add 10 to population of selected town --- [Ctrl] + [Semicolon]
Full seat of power --- [Ctrl] + [Plus]
Subtract 1000 food --- [Alt] + [Ctrl] + C
Toggle ai information --- [Ctrl] + D
Add 1000 food --- [Ctrl] + \
Toggle debug messages --- [Ctrl] + A
Subtract 1000 treasure --- [Alt] + [Ctrl] + X
Toggle invincible king --- [Ctrl] + U
Add 1000 treasure --- [Ctrl] + C
Set economic score to 0 --- [Ctrl] + J
Subtract 10 reputation --- [Alt] + [Ctrl] + E
Fast construction --- [Ctrl] + Z
Subtract 20 damage to selected building --- [Alt] + [Ctrl] + K
Add 10 reputation --- [Alt] + [Ctrl] + R
Add 20 damage to selected building --- [Alt] + [Ctrl] + J

To gain access to these cheats hit ENTER, TYPE IN THE CHEAT, and then hit ENTER once again. After you complete these steps the cheat should then be enabled.
Power overwhelming - God Mode
Show me the money - Gives you 10,000 gas and 10,000 crystal
Operation CWAL - Speeds construction of buildings and units
The Gathering - Gives unlimited energy to all casting units
Game over man - Ends your game as a loss
Staying Alive - Prevents the mission from ending due to victory or defeat
There is no cow level - Completes the current mission
Whats mine is mine - Free minerals
Breathe deep - Free Vespene Gas
Something for nothing - Gives all upgrades
Black Sheep Wall - Shows entire map
Medieval man - Free upgrades to units
Modify the phase variance - Ability to build all buildings
War aint what it used to be - Disables fog of war
Food for thought - Ability to build units beyond the support limit
Ophelia - Enter this to enable level skipping cheat. Then enter the mission you want to skip to (that is, "terran10") to go there.
Power Overwhelming - Can't be beaten.
Show Me The Money - 10000 in ore and gas.
If you click animals 13-14 times they should explode like nukes.

StarCraft: Brood War
Build over supply limit as Protoss or Zerg
To build over the supply limit of 200, have your Dark Archons mind control any protoss unit, and you can do this just as much as you want! To build over the 200 supply limit of the zerg simply have at least 8 drones and a whole lot of minerals. Next mutate them into a cheap building like a creep colony and rush back to your Hatchery (Lair or Hive) and find any larvae and mutate it into the unit that you want and then while it is mutating stop the drones from finishing and ta-da! Sadly, there is no way to build over the 200 supply limit as Terran.
Control the animals
When playing as the Protoss and on a level with neutral animals, build a Dark Archon and research its mind control ability. When you see an animal, you can mind control it. Once you do, it can be used as a cheap and expendable scout.
Disable food and psi requirements
To ignore food and psi requirements press ENTER then type "food for thought" and press ENTER again.
Disable level victory
To continue playing after achieving victory, press ENTER then type "staying alive" and press ENTER again.
Disable technology tree
Press ENTER then type "modify the phase variance" and press ENTER again. This code lets you ignore prerequisites and build anything you can afford.
Fast build mode
To build units quicker press ENTER then type "operation cwal" and press ENTER again.
Free technology upgrades
To instantly upgrade your technology press ENTER then type "medieval man" and press ENTER again.
Free unit upgrades
To instantly upgrade all of your units press ENTER then type "something for nothing" and press ENTER again.
Infinite energy
For infinite energy, press ENTER then type "the gathering" and press ENTER again.
Instant loss
To instantly lose the current level press ENTER then type "game over man" and press ENTER again.
Instant victory
To instantly win the current level press ENTER then type "there is no cow level" and press ENTER again.
To make all of your units invincible press ENTER then type "power overwhelming" and press ENTER again.
Level Select
To choose your level do the following:
Enter the game.
Type "ophelia"
Type the name of the desired level.
Press ENTER again.

StarCraft level names consist of the race followed by the mission number. eg: terran1, terran2, zerg1, zerg2, protoss1, protoss2, etc.
For Brood War levels prefix the name with an 'x'. eg: xprotoss5
Lift the fog
To prevent the fog of war from coming back, press ENTER then type "war aint what it used to be" and press ENTER again.
Morphing units to mutalisk
First you must evolve the lurker aspect for the hydralisk after that select one unit of your hydralisk and set it as a team of no 9 on the key , then group the zerglings on any number from 1 to 8 then select your hydralisk ang press the key ( H + L ) if done correctly the morphing of the lurker will be on hold after that press the number of your ( grouped zergling + L )if done correctly your zerglings will transform into larva and press the (ESC) button to make them into MUTALISK.
Receive 10,000 Minerals and Gas
For a helpful bonus press ENTER then type "show me the money" and press ENTER again.
Receive 500 Minerals
For another perk press ENTER then type "whats mine is mine" and press ENTER again. Please forgive Blizzard's awful puns.
Receive 500 Vespene Gas
Low on gas? Press ENTER and type "breathe deep" and press ENTER again. Remember kids, inhalants are bad so don't try this at home.
Reveal Map
To reveal the entire map press ENTER then type "black sheep wall" and press ENTER again.
Zerg Theme Song
To hear the secret Zerg song, press ENTER then type "radio free zerg" and press ENTER again. This only works when playing as the Zerg.

At the main menu, hold [Ctrl] and type potato. M1 will appear in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Type any number from 01 to 24 to change the mission number, then hold any one of the following combinations until the ship selection screen appears to have the indicated ship:
Normal selection of ships --- [Ctrl] + [Enter]
Tempest --- [Shift] + [F7]
Predator --- [Shift] + [F1]
Patriot --- [Shift] + [F8]
Naginata --- [Shift] + [F2]
Wolverine --- [Shift] + [F9]
Grendel --- [Shift] + [F3]
Reaper --- [Shift] + [F10]
Crusader --- [Shift] + [F4]
Shroud --- [Shift] + [F11]
Coyote --- [Shift] + [F5]
Phoenix --- [Shift] + [F12]
Mirage IV --- [Shift] + [F6]

Submarine Titans
Use the following codes after pressing the Enter key during play.
See all -- fow5000
corium -- corium
All technology -- technologi
Full air -- air
1000 metal -- metal5,000 gold, 5,000 corium,
10,000 metal -- exiton
1000 gold -- gold

System Shock 2
While playing a game, hold [Shift] and press [;] (semicolon) to display the command prompt. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function:
add_pool [number] --- Obtain indicated amount of cyber modules
ubermensch --- Maximum stats
shock_jump_player --- Jump the player
look_cursor --- Set cursor into look mode
reload_gun --- Reload weapon from inventory
show_version --- Display version
swap_guns --- Switch primary and secondary weapons
cycle_ammo --- Cycle available ammo
select_psipower --- Bring up the PSI power selection
quickbind --- Bind quick slot
open_mfd --- Open up an MFD by overlay constant
quicksave --- Save to current subdirectory
equip_weapon --- Search and equip weapon from inventory
psi_full --- All PSI points
cycle_weapon [-1 or 1] --- Cycle equipable weapons
split [0 or 1] --- Toggle split cursor
psi_power --- Act like the 1-5 level buttons
use_obj --- Use object by name
stop_email --- Stop current playing email/log
quickload --- Load from current subdirectory
clear_teleport --- Clear existing teleport marker
quickuse --- Activate quick slot
interface_use --- Use an item in inventory
play_unread_log --- Play unread log
frob_toggle --- Switch between modes fire_weapon [0 or 1] --- Fire weapon
frob_object --- Simple frob of selected object drag_and_drop [0 or 1] --- Drag and drop
drag_and_drop_frob [0 or 1] --- Drag and drop
toggle_inv --- Toggle inventory panel

toggle_compass --- Toggle compass state
query [0 or 1] --- Toggle query cursor
toggle_mouse --- Toggle mouselook and cursor modes
wpn_setting_toggle --- Toggle between weapon settings
msg_history --- Toggle message history
frob_object_inv --- Simple frob of selected object, in world or inventory
drag_and_drop_mode [0 or 1] --- Drag and drop

summon_obj [item name] --- Create object from item list
Enter one of the following item names with the summon_obj code:
20 nanites---ap clip---assault rifle---big nanite pile blast turret---brawnboost implant---crystal shard---electro shock emp rifle---fusion cannon---gren launcher---heavy armor ice pick---lab assistant implant---laser pistol---laser turret light armor---medical kit---medium armor---midwife organ monkey brain---nanites---pistol---power cell---psi amp---psi booster recycler---shotgun---slug turret---standard clip---stasis field generator swiftboost implant---timed grenade---toxin grenade---worm launcher

Tachyon: The Fringe
During gameplay, press 7 on the keypad to display the console. Type im a cheater to enable cheat mode. Now, enter one of the following codes at the console window to activate its cheat:
God mode --- quickening
Full energy --- dilithium
All items --- boom stick 5000
more credits --- one million dollars
All ships --- ragtag
Returning to base to complete mission --- there is no spoon
Full ammunition --- come get some

Infinite money
Go to the Smoldering Corpse bar, then go to Moachi inside the eastern part of the bar. Keep on telling her about how she is not a dustie and ask for some money. Repeat this as many times as needed to get 50 gold with each request.
Get good spells early
Go to the inn (Dorm) at the Sensate place in the clerks ward. Save your game and try to steal from the lady who gives you a room until you get a key. Go into the eastern room and search the cabinets on the north wall. There are also several charms that may come in handy later in the game.
Be a Godsman and get the best axe
Talk to the Auctioneer outside the market in the lower ward. Perform the tasks he will ask you to do. The second task will be to deliver a message to a Godsman, therefore granting you passage to the northern gate (in the lower ward). You will eventually meet a man in a room surrounded by other people. Ask him about becoming a Godsman. He will tell you to forge a weapon in the foundry, the first room you saw when you entered the place. Get the items you need from the clerk in the southwest part of the room. Ask Thildin, the muscular man, for some ore. Then, find the only empty barrel and make the weapon of your choice. Report back to the man that told you how to forge the weapon. Next, there will be a murder. You only need to know where the people are--you already know where Thildon is; the man whose name starts with "S" is in the same room as man that told you how to forge the weapon, and the other is on the balcony just above him. Talk to Thildon one more time and report back to the man that told you how to forge the weapon. Just convince the man in the locked quarters to live. Be nice to him. You will now become a Godsman and have access to the best axe in the game for 5000 GP.

Total Annihilation
1-First press ENTER to get the message line.
2-Press + and enter one of the following codes.
3-After entering the code press ENTER to activate the code.
To deactivate a code just enter it again
+ATM - Gives you 1000 metal and energy.
+CDSTART - Starts CD Music.
+CONTOUR# - Displays a 3D contour, # = 1-15.
+CONTROL# - Lets you to control a different skirmish AI.
+DITHER - Dithering instead of line of sight.
+DOUBLESHOT - All weapons do twice the damage.
+HALFSHOT - All weapons do half the damage.
+ILOSE - Causes you to lose.
+IWIN - Causes you to win.
+NOENERGY - Drops your energy to 0.
+NOMETAL - Drops your metal to 0.
+NOSHAKE - Stops explosion screen shakes.
+NOWISEE - Full map and disables line of sight.
+RADAR - 100% radar coverage.
+SING - This command makes units "sing" when given orders.
+SWITCHALT - Allows you to switch between squads with alt+# keys.
+VIEW# - Lets you see how much metal and energy a player has.

Below is the first Campaign cheat code:
Click on Total Annihilation's Single Player icon. When the Single Player Game page appears type DRDEATH (it is not case sensitive). This will cause a Cavedog Entertainment bone to appear between the Load Game and Previous Menu icons on the right side of the screen. Clicking on the bone will take players to a special Play Any Game screen where they can play any Total Annihilation mission, even if they have not earned their way to that level yet

Uprising 2: Lead And Destroy
Cheat Mode:
First display the chat prompt by pressing M . Type one of the codes below and press Enter to activate the following function.
Invincibility - chump
Unlimited weapons - dangerous
Super weapons - tuff ass
Unlimited weapons and invincibility - dangerous chump
Super speed and invincibility - chump[Enter]chump
Money increased by 5000 - way mo money
Suicide - slick
Win scenario - done
Invincibility - yoyo
Rainy weather - stormy
Clear weather - clearsky
Snowy weather - flurry

Unreal Tournament
Single player cheats
Press the tilde ~ to bring down the console.
allammo --- Get all ammo
killall --- [enter type] Kill all of a type of enemy
behindview 0 --- Normal view
loaded --- All weapons
behindview 1 --- View character from behind
playersonly --- Toggle freeze time on/off
fly --- Flying
open [enter mapname] --- Jump to any map
ghost --- No clipping
summon [enter item] --- Summon item
god --- God mode
walk --- Walking
iamtheone --- Activate cheat mode

You can summon any of these with the summon [enter item] code:

Warcraft 2
Pause The Game, And Enter The Following Codes At The Enter Password Screen
DCKMT ---Full Upgrades
VRYLTTL --- All Spells and Renewal of Mana with Each Spell Cast
NTPRF --- Laser show
NSCRN --- Reveal Entire Map
HTCHTXNS --- Gain Lumber
THRCNBNL --- View Ending
TSGDDYTD --- Invincible Units
VLDZ --- Gain Oil
MKTS --- Fast Bulding and Upgrades
YPTFLWRM --- Insant Defeat
NVRWNNR --- Continue Playing Insted of Winning
NGLS --- Disable Magic Traps
NTTCLNS --- Instant Victory

Zeus: Master of Olympus
Various cheats
I don't know why you need to cheat as an Greek god, but here are some codes anyway. While playing the game, hit Ctrl + Alt + C, then type in the codes below for the desired function. Remember, these codes are case-sensitive.
1,000 extra drachmae -- Delian Treasury
Beat current scenario in just a few months -- Ambrosia
Dairy workers in cheese costumes -- Cheese Puff
Hurl down fireballs at target -- Fireballs from Heaven
Towers shoot at the cows -- Bovine and Arrows

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