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Include Manufacturer
& Support Information
To System Properties

It's possible to include a company logo and contact information in the System Properties dialog box on your system. To add manufacturer and support information:
     1. You must create two new files in the Windows system directly: "C:\Windows\System" for
          Windows 9x.
          a. The first file is a text file called OEMINFO.INI. To create the file:
              1. Open Notepad
              2. Create a template using the information below, make any changes Each item in the
                   following list should be on a separate line:

Manufacturer=Enter the Company Name Here
Model=Enter the Computer Model Name Here
[Support Information]
first line of support information
second line
third line
fourth line

Note: Create as many lines as you need by incrementing the line number.

             3.Choose File \ Save As.

              4. Browse to the C:\Windows\System directory and in the File name dialog box, save it
                  as - OEMINFO.INI.

          b. The second file you need to create is a logo file. To create the file:
              1. Open any program that can create a bitmap (.BMP). MSPaint will do (I found an image
                  size of 21/2 X 11/2" works great).
              2. Create a standard Windows bitmap file (or open one).
              3. Once complete, choose File \ Save As.

            4. Browse to the C:\Windows\System directory. In the File Name dialog box enter

             5. Choose Save.

     2. Once you've created both of these files, open System Properties in the Control Panel or
          right mouse click on My Computer and choose Properties. Your logo and company name
          will be listed. The details you entered in the [Support Information] section will show up when
          you click on the Support Information button.
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