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Modify The Recycle Bin

When Windows is first loaded, it creates a Recycling Bin and allocates a certain amount of drive space to store deleted files (another words, you can not use that space to store the files that you want to keep because it is being reserved). You can configure the Recycling Bin to use only a set amount of space. To do this:

     1. Right mouse click on the Recycling Bin.
     2. Choose Properties.

     3. Place your mouse pointer on the sliding bar, right mouse click it, and hold down the button.
     4. Move it to 5%.

    5. You can also stop Windows for asking you the annoying question of :

        every time you want to delete a file by removing the check mark in the box labeled "Display          
        delete conformation dialog box". Be aware though that when you delete a file, it will no longer ask
        for confirmation, the file will immediately go into the Recycling Bin.

    6. If you want to immediately delete the file and bypass the Recycling Bin completely, just remove
        the check mark in the "Do not move files to the Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when
        deleted" box.

Note: If you do this, the files are gone. You will not be able to reecover them. It's not a good idea to do
           step #6 if you have small children that use the computer or are a novice.

    7. Choose Apply.
    8. Choose OK.
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