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Rename The
Recycle Bin

To rename the Recycle Bin in Windows 95 / 98 / NT 4.0:

     1. Launch Regedit by choosing Start / Run. In the Run dialog box type in - regedit then choose OK.

     2. Navigate to the key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ CLSID \
     3. Find the (Default) value in the right hand pane; the data for this should be Recycle Bin.

     4. Double left mouse click on it (where it says default).
     5. A Edit String box will pop up. In the Value data box type in the new name for the Recycle Bin and
          then press OK. I changed mine to Garbage.

     6. Then press the X to close the regedit program (upper right corner of the screen).
     7. Click anywhere on the desktop and press the F5 key to refresh the desktop's Recycle Bin icon
          with it's new name.

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