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Run The Windows 98
From Your Hard Drive

: You should reformat (if using an existing drive) or format (if using a new hard drive for the first time) before doing a Windows 98 installation.

During the installation of Windows 98, you may experience problems with the CD-ROM drive or you may want to speed up the installation process. By copying the Windows setup files to your hard drive you bypass the CD-ROM drive and speed up the installation.

Note: You'll need 121 MB of extra room on the hard drive to store the Windows 98 files.

To do this:
   1. Format your hard drive (see document on how to format a drive).
   2. Insert the Windows 98 CD.
   3. Restart the computer.
   4. At the Windows 98 Setup screen select - Boot from CD-ROM.
   5. On the next screen, select Option #2 - Start computer with CD-ROM support.
   6. Type - C:\  (C is the drive letter for your hard drive) (then press the Enter key).
   7. Type - MD WIN98 (MD stands for make directory) (then press the Enter key). This is the directory to
       store the setup files.
   8. Type - CD WIN98 (CD stands for change directory) (then press the Enter key).
   9. Type - D:\ (D is the drive letter for the CD-ROM that you have the Windows 98 CD in) (then press the
        Enter key).
   10. Type - COPY WIN98 C:\WIN98 (then press the Enter key).

   11. Once done copying the files to the hard drive, remove the CD.

This will copy all of the necessary setup files from the CD to the hard drive.

Type these commands to start the setup process:
   1. C:\ (C is the drive letter for your hard drive).
   2. CD WIN98 (then press the Enter key).
   3. SETUP (then press the Enter key).
   4. Let Windows install as it normally would.

Copying the setup files to the hard drive is a better way to perform the installation for several reasons:
   a. When adding new hardware or software to Windows, you may be prompted to insert the Windows
        98 Setup CD. Instead of digging out the CD, just point to the WIN98 directory.
   b. If you like to perform a complete format every couple of months, you can create two partitions on
       your hard drive. One for Windows and smaller one containing the Windows Setup files. Then to
       completely reinstall Windows, you only have to format the partition where Windows is installed. Then,
        you can quickly perform the setup from the smaller partition.
   c. Speed. No matter how fast you CD-ROM is, you hard drive is faster. And who doesn't want their
       setup to go faster?

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