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Save Time In Typing
URL Addresses

Tired of typing in long Web addresses? Is "www" not among your most efficient typing patterns? No need to worry. With Internet Explorer, typing Website addresses are a breeze. Use the following tips to save time and finger power while you surf the web.

     1. Type the domain of an address, such as Microsoft, and then press the CTRL+ENTER keys at the
         same time. Internet Explorer will automatically wrap around what you typed.
     2. Not sure if the site uses a .com extension? Just type the domain of the address, and then press
         ENTER. Internet Explorer will try to find the site by using a variety of extensions.
     3. If you need to edit an address, you can use the CTRL+LEFT ARROW and CTRL+RIGHT
         ARROW keys to easily move between different parts of the address that is separated by periods.
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