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Sssssssh! Secret Folders

Want to be secretive and hide some folder or files from prying eyes? This tip works with all versions of Windows. Here's how:

     1. On the folder that you want to hide, right mouse click on it.
     2. Choose Properties.
     3. At the bottom in the Attributes section, click on the Hidden box.

     4. Choose Apply.
     5. Choose OK.

Now the file disappears. To make the folder reappear:

     1. Open My Computer.
     2. Choose Tools / Folder Options (for Windows ME or Windows XP) or View / Folder Options (for
          Windows 95 / 98).

     3. Choose the View tab.
     4. Under Hidden Files and Folder, choose Show hidden files and folders.

     5. Choose Apply.
     6. Choose OK.

Now the file magically reappears.
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